Product Review for the Impulsive Aquariuses


Do you feel like you've been sitting on Mercury and letting your beloved strands of hair fry under the sun !? Well, maybe not THAT severe; but I do ! Being an impulsive Aquarius, I like to change my scenery which means I like to change my hair colour...ALOT. Bleaching, manic panic dye, you know all of those lovely soul drenching hair dyes. 

 Well, I decided to go back to my naturals after dying it eight times. Literally eight times, alright.  
My hair was falling out by just looking at it, my brushes had more hair then I had on my head. I was overly stressed because I have ovaries and my hair is a priority in my life. Then I found this heaven sent product. 

 I use this 3 times a week.All you need to do is let it sit in your hair for about five minutes and rinse with warm water while showering. It repaired my hair so much and my hair was just done for; I looked like the crypt keeper's grandma. 
I purchased this in Walmart's hilarious "ethnic section for hair " and it was only around five dollars.  So, if your hair is breaking at the ends, falling straight out of your scalp, I highly suggest Motions Professional CPR Treatment Conditioner so you can go from :

                                                                            To this 
 See you in outerspace,
 oxoxoxoxxo CharlotteCaprice

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