Modern day times are very fast paced. We are starting to sacrifice quality for quickness. This is true for both our food and our fashion. Many of us know that when we settle for fast food we are not getting sufficient nutrition, but this is also true for fast fashion. Sure, both that Big Mac and that XXI top are super cheap and may satisfy your craving for now. But, it’s very accurate when people say you get what you pay for. Before you know it you have to hit the gym to work off that burger, and find a new top because your fast fashion purchase is already unraveling at the seam.
Fast Fashion, like fast food, can be okay in moderation. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to stay stylish, and is made fast to keep up with current trends. But, maybe it’s time we take a minute, slow down and smell the Prada.

[Dalton in Zara; Veronica in Rue 21; Production Assistant: Nick Ortego]