Aug 6, 2014

Designer to Watch: Sengco Apparel

Zach Seng, founder of Sengco Apparel and Pennsylvania native, created a design that makes a boring pocket tee into a unique fashion statement. 

Hand-picking endless amounts of fabric, all ranging in different style and material, Seng applies each as a pocket to tees, tanks and cardigans - creating an outstanding piece of fashion. The concept is simple, the process in thoughtful, and the product is stylish.

Seng is an artist, music buff, and regular reveler. "I never thought I would be a fashion designer/founder of a clothing line. Not that I was against the idea, it just hadn't crossed my mind," said Seng. But, once the shirts caught on that all changed.

photographer, Alexandra Amarotico

Seng first got the idea for the Sengco Apparel concept in high school. He wanted to continue the convenience, comfort, and utility of a standard tee, but add a much needed touch of interest to an otherwise boring plain shirt. It wasn't until he received his grandmother's sewing machine that he began putting the idea into action. Almost two years ago, Seng created the first Sengco Apparel tee, in the corner of his dad's basement. He sported his new shirt with pride for several days, and received bucketloads of compliments and requests. Before he knew it, all his friends had to have their own - and some even had to have several.

That's when Seng realized his DIY project had potential, and sought out outlets to share his designs. His friends had introduced him to some of the New York City flea markets and proposed that they may be a good environment for Sengco Apparel to catch on. A year later, Sengco Apparel has become Zach Seng's full time job - as he frequents the city's flea markets to sell his designs.

photographer, Alexandra Amarotico

Seng enjoys the idea of a small and creative DIY business. He keeps the Sengco Apparel team small. They help with handling fabrics, preparing pockets, and embroidery logos and cards. Seng sews all the pockets himself. He also selects each pocket fabric, and often develops his on prints. He's used tweeds, canvases, linens, silks, ikats, printed cottons, burlaps, and more. During this process, his focus is to have the pockets stand out visually and texturally. Overall, Sengco Apparel's main goal is to create an honest product that looks, wears and feels better than the rest!

photographer, Alexandra Amarotico

Recently Zach Seng teamed up with Breanne, fashion blogger and cake connoisseur of, for a special collaboration where Breanne creates a cake based on one of Seng's designs. Check it out at

Seng is also working on a large scale drawing exhibit in Chelsea, Manhattan by late 2014, or early 2015. He will also be going on a four month road trip from the east coast to California, to Mexico, throughout Central America, and back. He hopes to share Sengco shirts with all the happy people he meet along the way.

Visit to shop current styles or even customize your own! If you are in the New York City area, you can find Sengco Apparel at various flea markets - Mainly the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market on Saturday's and Sunday's.

Aug 3, 2014

Street Style: Ali Kate Cherkis Photography

Ali Kate Cherkis is a New York City based photographer. Her ingenious street style photos depict the most interesting and unusual urban fashions. And I love it. It's refreshing to see a photographer showcasing not just glamorous style, but also bold, daring, edgy style - because these are the looks that make New York City street style fun and exciting.

Ali Kate Cherkis has worked with several top tier publications including Wall Street Journal, Time Out Magazine, and

To learn more about Ali Kate Cherkis visit

Jul 28, 2014

Vitaly Spring / Summer 2014

A couple years ago in Bali, Indonesia, Shane Vitaly Foran, a Toronto native on an unplanned pilgrimage, became inspired to create handcrafted jewelry that would fit the many faces of everyday fashion. 
Foran had reached out to local craftsmen to create a few pieces of his vision, and posted images of his creation on social media. To his surprise, he recieved an overwhelming positive response to his designs from his friend. That's when Foran and his business partner (and friend) Jason Readman decided to take a   risk and invest their last few cents into their vision. That's when Vitaly was born. 
Since April 2012, Foran and Readman have been pouring themselves into Vitaly full-time, seeking to create a brand that embraces the myriad of lifestyles and personalities that have inspired it: from sky diving to stage diving, and fine art to body art.

Vitaly continues to release new designs, working with a variety of unique materials, and maintains a strong relationship with all of those who have helped make its journey possible. 
Learn more about Vitaly at

Jul 25, 2014

Vitaly Design - How It All Started

Vitaly - How It All Started from Vitaly on Vimeo.

If you haven't heard of the jewelry line Vitaly by now, I'm doing you a favor by introducing them to you. Vitaly has grown so much in just two years since its creation, and still continues to expand. Vitaly is one of the most innovative and exciting jewelry lines, for both guys and girls, to come about in some time now.  Designer and founder Shane Vitaly Foran mixes chic and classic, with bold and sexy to create a very original collection that fashion and jewelry fans can add to just about any outfit.

Jul 21, 2014

Liberty Fairs Trade Show (New York, NY)

by Dalton Primeaux

It’s that time again in New York City, when press, buyers, and distributors gather at fashion and lifestyle trade shows in search of new and exciting brands.

The amazing folks at Liberty Fairs, one of my favorite trade shows, invited the WearHouse District to attend once again, scope out brands to watch, report outstanding fashion trends, and witness the amazing growth that this specific show had in just one year.

Liberty Fairs took place July 20 – 22 at a new location, Pier 94 along 12th Avenue, and the event opened with the second Bi-Annual Liberty Lebowski Classic, an industry bowling competition at Lucky Strike.

Back bigger and better, Liberty Fairs hosted so many amazing new brands that joined the Liberty Fairs family. Some notable newbies include Theory, Helmut Lang, Daniel Won, Norman Russell, Sully Wong, Skargorn, Freenote Cloth, SLVDR, K-Way, MRKT and Lifetime Collective.

But it was also great to see some returning favorites like Chapter, Closed, Danner, Dehen 1920, Filson, H By Hudson, J Press York Street, Mother Freedom, Nigel Cabourn, Viberg Boot and Zanerobe.

Guests were invited to an inside look into the manufacturing process of one of a kind caps made for each attendee by Brooklyn based Knickerbocker Mfg Co.

The ever dapper Shaka Maidoh and Sam Labert of Art ComesFirst, and Ouigi Theodore of The Brooklyn Circus curated the third edition of Freedom Hall with a bunch of really exciting new brands. Liberty also launched curated groupings of accessories brands including newcomers American Trench, Conscious Step, Lucky Selection, Cub & Co., South Lane and Teranishi.

One of the most exciting additions to Liberty Fairs was the Drugstore, curated by David Pirrotta, featuring some exciting men’s grooming brands like Blind Barber, Brooklyn Grooming, Mr Black’s Garment Essentials, Reverie and more.

Liberty also teamed up with Porsche to offer transportation to retailers between the trade shows in an effort to provide the highest level of service.

Some of my personal favorite brands spotted at Liberty Fairs:

Super Sunglasses - Their collection for next season looked amazing (Unfortunately, we could not photograph).

People Footwear - Very classic style, fun colors, and extremely lightweight.

Caminando - A Japanese footwear brand that merges edgy details with classic styles.

Placed by Gideon - One of the most interesting, unique brands, but their pieces still remain very wearable.

Crimson Cross (curated in Freedom Hall) - Distressed and aged denim with exciting real python details.

Vitaly - Innovative, unisex jewelry.

Liberty Fairs Fashion and Lifestyle Trade Show as a whole was full of energy, inventiveness and originality. The staff members were very welcoming and helpful - and that should not go unnoticed. The decor was both rustic and modern, with a constant palm tree theme played throughout the entrance of the venue. 

In as little as a year, Liberty Fairs has grown to become one of the industry's leading contemporary / menswear trade shows. Every participating brand partner of Liberty Fairs exudes creativity and has a unique story worth listening to, whether they be just starting to grow or well established entities. Buyers and distributors have certainly caught on to this and continue to attend the show to add more of that distinctive creativity to their stores or outlets. 

Liberty Fairs was actually founded this year by Sam Ben-Avraham, who is also the owner of Atrium stores and the original founder of Project Trade Show. According to the trade show's website, Ben-Avraham focused on curation, exploration, education, and brand storytelling in hopes to attract the best buyers out there. 

The most recent Liberty trade show was the third to take place in New York City. The next Liberty Fairs trade show will take place at the Venetian in Las Vegas, August 18 through August 20.