Mar 27, 2015

Spring Layers Guide

By Elle Murad

It’s official, spring has sprung. So let’s ditch the long sleeves and chunky sweaters and pick up the tees, cardigans and a great raincoat. No matter how excited you are for the warmer weather, it’s extremely unpredictable. One minute it’s a warm sunny day then comes a big gust of wind and it feels like winter is back. This makes getting dressed a little more difficult than it should be. The answer is simple enough but good comfortable stylish layering is a skill to master. While I’m no master, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeves to ensure a fashionable and warm spring outfit.

Mar 22, 2015

Welcoming Elle to the WearHouse District

Meet the WearHouse District's new contributor and Spring 2015 Intern: Elle Murad!

Elle is 24 years old, born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She's been a lover of fashion all her life and in August 2013 found her way to New Orleans where she actively worked to combine her two loves of fashion and writing. She's a firm believer of the idea that lipstick fixes everything and black will never go out of style. 

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Mar 16, 2015

Trend Report: It’s All About That Drape

By Elle Murad
Take the comfort level of a pair of pajamas and combine it with the high fashion vibes of street style and you’ll get one of the latest and, in my opinion, greatest trends, draped tops. While it could just be an oversized t-shirt or maybe the perfect cardigan, it’s the way it drapes across your body that makes it a trend to consider.

Mar 15, 2015

Review: Evian Facial Spray

Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray, $12.50

So, this little guy here... Refreshing is an understatement. Evian's Facial Spray has been my favorite obsession this month. It's the most amazing moisturizing experience. It just feels so great. I was excited to test it out this month, but I'm really excited to use it this summer to refresh my skin and keep me cool while I'm lying out on a rooftop somewhere in the city. I'm certainly to see this spray pop up in several beach bag and summer must-have stories.

The 5 oz spray is the perfect size for your everyday work or gym bag. It's great to use throughout the day! The spray is great for not only keeping your skin hydrated, but it's great for setting/refreshing make up and giving you a subtle glow. Evian also removes harmful ocean water, pool water chlorine, and perspiration salt - the perfect daily skin cleanse.

Mar 9, 2015

5 Must-Have Garments Every Man Should Own

By Dalton Primeaux*

Guys, there are a few basic investments you need in your closet. With these items you can start to build a perfect wardrobe. Once you learn how to incorporate these simple pieces into your daily routine, being stylish will become so much easier.

1. Oxford Shoes Sure you have tons of fancy sneakers and loafers, but having a pair of oxford shoes is most important. Special occasions, and work-related meetings or events call for a traditional lace-up dress shoe. If you want to look like a true gentleman and impress your peers invest in a pair. And just face it, slacks with sneakers just looks tacky.

2. Black Suit It’s proper for all gentlemen to our their own suit. At least a two-piece suit, preferably light weight fabric and neutral color, should be hanging in your closet. Black is by far the smartest color suit because it’s appropriate for a wide range of events. I would recommend having the suit, regardless of label or price tag, tailored to fit your body perfectly. When it comes to a suit, the most important element to looking dapper is a proper fit.

3. Neutral Dress Shirts You can’t spend the rest of your life in t-shirts, especially graphic ones with quirky quotes and images. Even though I do have a special place in my heart (and wardrobe) for some vintage rock band tees and they will always be perfect for a low key, off duty look, they don’t always scream maturity. Every man must own a few neutral, solid button-down dress shirts. Simple, classic colored dress shirts are important staples to a grown man’s wardrobe.

4. Classic Pair of Jeans Every man owns a pair of jeans, maybe even a few pairs, but they may not be necessarily the right pair. Denim is such an important part of a man’s attire because it’s so versatile. The right pair can be dressed up or dressed down and wore to almost any function. When investing in the perfect pair of denim, look for a straight leg or classic fit and a dark wash. Stay away from ripped jeans, flared legs, and those horrifying jeans with the bedazzled pockets.

5. Leather Belts It seems simple enough, but many guys over look the power of a belt. Invest in both a black leather belt and a brown leather belt, each with little to no detailing and a simple, metal buckle. Doing so makes each belt versatile, going from casual outings to business setting. Also, it’s important to coordinate the leather belts with the other leathers in your outfit. Never wear a brown belt with and black shoe, and vice versa. It can completely ruin an outfit, and leaves your peers thinking a 5-year-old dressed you. You don’t want people to think that about you. So don’t be lazy or careless when it comes to you outfits. Take the time out to properly dress yourself. You will definitely see a difference in the way you look and feel. And, you know what they say, everygirl is crazy about a sharp dressed man.

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