I Glove You

It seems like my love for autumn and winter gloves have increased so much this year. Years prior, I pretty much treated them as a basic necessity for the cold weather - and that's it. I wore them when I needed to. Now I'm starting to see them for the stylish fashion accessory they are. Matching them to my outfit, adding a pop of color to my all black winter looks, I'm starting to do it all. My current go to is a great pair of fingerless gloves! I love the edgy, cool kid look (and the ability to still use my fingerprint to unlock my iPhone). Here are some of my favs this season.

1. Original Penguin Knit and Leather Driving Gloves, $80
2. The Rail Fingerless Gloves in Cobalt, $12
3. Spratters & Jayne Split Moto Gloves, $70
4. John Varvatos Star USA Fingerless Driving Gloves, $125
5. Express Blocked Leather Fingerless Gloves, $29.90
6. HONNS Oliver Gloves in Navy, $128
7. UGG Australia Whip Tech Leather Gloves, $135

Tkay Maidza Releases New Single

[Photo: Tkay's Facebook]

December can be such an exciting month with the holidays and tons of cool, fun fashion things going on... But, let's take a minute to talk exciting music news for December! I'm so pumped for the new EP by Australian cutie Tkay Maidza! Her new single "Ghost" (which will be on the EP) has been a repeat for my playlist. In fact I think I've listened to it a million times just today... If that's possible. It's just so brilliant! You can actually check it out on Soundcloud: HERE.

Tkay Maidza is a master at creating a gorgeous sing-song type of rap, that's both energetic and just plan gorgeous. I get a little Azealian Banks vibes from her, but she's also just really fresh and young. She's so fucking cool. Really excited to hear the whole EP and see what else Tkay can bring to the table.

Over the past few months Tkay Maidza has toured with some of music's biggest names including Mark Ronson, Years & Years, and Charli XCX with Run The Jewels and Killer Mike (to name a few) singing her praises.

Born in Zimbabwe, Tkay Maidza relocated to the Australian mining area of Kalgoorlie when she was just five years old, before going on to settle in Adelaide a few years later.

Now after catching the attention of musical tastemakers internationally with killer tracks like "U-Huh," "Brontosaurus" and the Switch Tape mixtape and sold out dates across the US, Europe and her homeland of Australia, Tkay has now signed to Downtown Records in the US and is set to release her debut Switch Tape EP on December 4th.

Let's In-VEST-igate...

Oh autumn... How I love you and how much fun I have dressing for you. It's such a cool experience, piling on all these fun layers. Trying new arrangements of shirts, sweaters, outerwear, etc. that have been lying dormant in the deepest, darkest depths of my closet. Or, even adding a fun new item to the mix and pairing with past season's favorites to create a fresh look.

This year I opted for a new layer to add to my fall collection that was a bit unexpected for myself: a padded vest. It was like something snapped in my brain. I just woke up one morning and said to myself, hey you know what you're missing. A puffy vest. Random... I thought to myself. That may be a little too L. L. Bean for me. No. This is like the it piece for the season. Just listen to me. All the guys will be wearing it and you will feel left out like a fucking loser. Hey! Language! Jeeze... Okay. I'll try the vest.

Naturally, not knowing how I will actually feel about the vest, I snagged one from H&M. It seemed smarter to reach for an affordable brand rather than an investment piece, because I was only testing the waters of this trend. Well, what do you know! I was right. Not only is everyone and their dad walking about Manhattan in puffy vests, but I actually fell in love with mine! It's cozy and fun. Behind my awesome shades from Etalon by Steve Canar, I believe it may be my favorite Fall 2015 item.

Wearing: Sunglasses - Etalon by Steve Canar; Shirt - Scotch and Soda; Sweater - IZOD; Vest - H&M; Denim - Big Star; Shoes - Dr. Scholls

Photos by Joel Cas

Autumn Shades

Okay, so I feel like most people don't think of a pair of sunnies as a major fall accessory. They're usually associated with summer days spent lounging on white sand and such... But, nay! Sunglasses are a huge part of our fall and winter wardrobes. Just because it's a bit chillier, doesn't mean the sun disappears, right? In fact, a snowy street can actually reflect the sun pretty intensely - making sunglasses even more necessary for cold weather. But if we wanted to stay super stylish, our choice of shades should change for the fall. Not all sunglasses can cross over to our fall wardrobe from summer. For fall and winter, invest in a pair of sunglasses that have darker frames and lenses. If you opt for a color lens lean towards warm hues of red, orange, and gold - or the classic fix: all black everything. This season in particular, simple, classic and clean shapes are en vogue. Think straight top bars and geometric rims. And, retro flat lenses are huge right now. Like very huge. Like if your shades are not flat you are most likely not cool. Just saying...

Here are some of my top favorite sunnies for fall:

1. Komono Riviera Black Rubber, $59.95 
2. Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses, $150
3. Oliver Peoples Bernardo Sunglasses, $420
4. Dior AL 13.5 Navy Blue, Boutiques Only
5. Persol Suprema Sunglasses
6. Quay Asha Gun with Gold Mirror Lens, $50
Look For Less: Etalon by Steve Canar Orange/Gold Metallic Sunglasses, $44.99